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About Riyadh Alsalehin School

Riyadh Alsalehin is a Sunday school that teaches the Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Quran recitation to the Muslim community children in Mississauga and surrounding cities. The school has about 500 students and it runs classes from grade K to grade 12. 
Riyadh Alsalehin school grants credit for high school students in International Language Arabic and Islamic Studies. Also, high school students can earn Community Service Hours through volunteering at the school.  

Riyadh Alsalehin School offers:
  •  Qualified and committed teachers
  •  Low student-to-teacher ratio
  •  An excellent academic curriculum 
  •  High commitment to academic excellence
  •  Arabic, Quranic, and Islamic studies
  •  Strong moral guidance
  •  Parental involvement in the educational process
  •  A multi-cultural staff and student population
Mission Statement 
To provide education in Religion Studies and Government Curriculum to the highest possible standards in an Islamic environment suitable for any child irrespective of background or origin at a tuition fee rate that is both affordable to any family irrespective of its financial circumstance and viable in relation to these objectives; and in so doing, ensuring that the Islamic nature of the School takes precedence over all other considerations. 

Outcome Statement
To lay the best possible foundation for our students by way of good example and comprehensive and balanced Islamically oriented education so that they can move forward successfully into higher education.