Rascal first starts out when Sterling and his dog Wowser head out to Wentworth woods and meet up with their friend Oscar. They go into the woods and Wowser starts digging under an old tree stump. They find an angry mother raccoon that attacks Wowser and runs away with her kits. Oscar though captures one with his hat, and lets Sterling have it. Sterling names the raccoon Rascal.


Rascal got a new home near Sterling’s house five feet above the ground in a red oak tree, and they began to have many adventures together. During his first fishing expedition, Rascal caught a minnow from Sterling's pond. The next day Sterling gave Rascal his first sugar lump. Rascal was washing it in his milk as usual when the sugar disappeared. Rascal looked at Sterling and was asking, “Who stole my sugar lump?”


A little while later, Rascal got his first three pennies. Raccoons like to hoard shiny objects so Rascal loved these copper coins. But Poe the crow was on the move, he wanted the coins for himself. He swooped down and grabbed one out of Rascal's mouth. Rascal fought for it but he was no match for the bird as big as him. Sterling just gave Rascal another penny.


Approaching August, Rascal got his first ear of corn. He watched how Sterling got it down and when Rascal had finished eating his ear of corn he copied how Sterling had did it. This became a problem though.  That night, Rascal snuck into the neighbors’ yards and ate their corn. The next morning they all came over to Sterling house and told him that they all liked his raccoon but they would shoot it the next time it ate their crops. The only solution was to build Rascal a cage and buy him a leash. It was eventually done and Rascal was just fine with it.


Sterling’s sister Theo was came to their house for a visit, and he was happy to see her. However, she stayed in Sterling’s bedroom and was not happy when the raccoon came in to sleep in his bed in the room at night. She was also annoyed because Sterling had a half-finished canoe in his living room. Theo wanted them to hire a house cleaner.


Right after that, Sterling’s dad had to go to testify in court near Lake Superior. They went camping and brought Rascal with them. Through the two weeks while his father went into town, Rascal and Sterling had adventures like one time they went in a river to swim and they went over a ten foot waterfall. While they had so much fun all day, his dad was stuck in court.


Sterling’s other sister Jessica came to visit for Christmas…


The two men finally gave in to Jessica and Theo and hired a housekeeper, who objected to pets in the house and demanded that she live in Sterling’s bedroom. Rascal was getting older, and Sterling decided it was cruel to keep a mature wild animal as a pet.  So, he and Rascal got into his canoe and rode it down a stream by his house. After a short wait, they heard a female raccoon calling to Rascal. Rascal looked back and forth from Sterling to the female raccoon. Finally Rascal said his goodbyes to Sterling and jumped out of the boat and swam to the shore. There the female raccoon and Rascal ran into the bushes not to be seen again. He left a few pecans and sugar lumps at the edge of the beach where he and Rascal parted. Sterling finally paddled sadly back upstream to his house.