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 Bharathanatyam is a 2000 year old South Indian Classical style. This art form comprises a wholesome combination of complex and rhythmic body movements, hand gestures, facial expressions, emotions and story-telling all rolled into one.

Rasa Dance Ensemble:

Rasa Dance Ensemble (Photo credit: K.P.Sandeep, Cary Photo Video)

Jayanthi Balachandran, Teja Yarlagadda, Srija Yarlagadda, Shilpa Nagaraj, Dhanya Sandeep, Meera Deva, Rukmini Deva, Janani Ramadurai, Arya Pontula, Vinitra Sudhakar, Maya Balachandran, and guest performer, Kathleen Caviness.

About Jayanthi Balachandran

Passionate about dance and the arts, Jayanthi trained for many years under Mrs. Chitra Visweswaran - one of India's leading classical dancers. Believing firmly in the universal language of dance, Jayanthi enjoys teaching dance in universities, schools and arts organizations within the state of North Carolina, to students of various ages, to whom she inculcates her message, “Dance Transcends Barriers.” Endowed with eloquent narrative skills, she educates audiences on the richness of the 2000-year-old art form. Serving on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Dance Alliance (a non-profit, state service organization dedicated to supporting the development of dance in North Carolina) and a recipient of the Regional Artist Grant from the United Arts Council of Raleigh, she has crystallized her artistic endeavors under one umbrella - Rasa Dance Creations through which she wishes to continue honing and imparting her passion for dance. She considers herself a lifelong “student” of the arts, learning and growing at every turn. It is her heartfelt conviction that the arts plays a vital role in society by bridging the gap and integrating people of different backgrounds and by uplifting the human spirit.