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How to Order the Book and Contact the Author

I'm Julie Hedgepeth Williams.  Albert Caldwell married my great-aunt Jennie in 1936, and I heard his Titanic story often -- he loved to talk about it.  I was so captivated by his story that I majored in History and English at Principia College.  After working as a journalist in Clinton, NC, I got a Master's and PhD, both focusing on Media History, from University of Alabama.  I am past president of the American Journalism Historians Association.  I teach journalism at Samford University and have also taught journalism at University of Alabama.

I also wrote Wings of Opportunity:  The Wright Brothers in Montgomery, Alabama, 1910 -- yes, the Wright Brothers were in Alabama -- and The Significance of the Printed Word in Early America:  Colonists' Thoughts on the Role of the Press.  Wings of Opportunity was published by NewSouth Books, and The Significance of the Printed Word was published by Greenwood Press.

I spoke in many states about Wings of Opportunity and am available to speak about A Rare Titanic Family as well.  I truly love telling history -- the truth makes a most fascinating story indeed.  I would love to tell the Titanic story (or the Wright Brothers story) to your group.  I have fully developed, optional PowerPoint presentation that can be tailored to run between 20-30 minutes to 45 minutes-1 hour, depending on your needs.  I can speak without a PowerPoint as well, recreating Albert Caldwell's Titanic speech.  I can also dress in period costume, if you like.

Here are two testimonials about me as a speaker:

After a Titanic speech:
The pleasure was all ours! We thoroughly enjoyed your talk as well as speaking to ou personally....  You are anexceptionally interesting speaker.  It was such a pleasant evening!
                                                                                                Donna Stallions

Not only is Julie an excellent writer, she is an excellent speaker. Our library patrons were mesmerized by her sincere presentation on Wings of Opportunity a year or so ago and they're already looking forward to reading A Rare Titanic Family and hearing her speak again.
                                                                                                John Tidwell
                                                                                                Adult Programs Coordinator
                                                                                                H. Grady Bradshaw/Chambers County Library,
                                                                                                Valley, AL
Julie Williams passed the 'brown bag test' at the B. B. Comer Memorial Library with flying colors!  She brought the Wings of Opportunity story to life in a way that was appealing to our lay person audience.  She demonstrated her knowledge about the Wright brothers and their experience in Montgomery with enthusiasm, humor and poise.  Our brown bag participants have seen many presenters over the last 17 years and they have consistently stated on evaluations that they "love a good story" rather than an academic lecture.  Julie's technique does both!  She doesn't neglect the facts, but her storytelling technique is superb!
                                                                                                Shirley Spears
                                                                                                Library Director
                                                                                                B. B. Comer Memorial Library, Sylacauga, AL

You may contact me on Facebook at the page titled "A Rare Titanic Family," or you may contact me via my publisher, NewSouth Books,, or 334-834-3556.

A Rare Titanic Family is available at your favorite bookstore or on-line retailer.  
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