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How to Order the Book and Contact the Author

I'm Julie Hedgepeth Williams.  Albert Caldwell married my great-aunt Jennie in 1936, and I heard his Titanic story often -- he loved to talk about it.  I was so captivated by his story that I majored in History and English at Principia College.  After working as a journalist in Clinton, NC, I got a Master's and PhD, both focusing on Media History, from University of Alabama.  I am past president of the American Journalism Historians Association.  I teach journalism at Samford University and have also taught journalism at University of Alabama.

I also wrote Wings of Opportunity:  The Wright Brothers in Montgomery, Alabama, 1910 -- yes, the Wright Brothers were in Alabama -- and The Significance of the Printed Word in Early America:  Colonists' Thoughts on the Role of the Press.  Wings of Opportunity was published by NewSouth Books, and The Significance of the Printed Word was published by Greenwood Press.

I spoke in many states about Wings of Opportunity and am available to speak about A Rare Titanic Family as well.  I truly love telling history -- the truth makes a most fascinating story indeed.  I would love to tell the Titanic story (or the Wright Brothers story) to your group.  I have fully developed, optional PowerPoint presentation that can be tailored to run between30 minutes to 45 minutes-, depending on your needs. I also have a 55-minute one-woman show, where I "become" Sylvia Caldwell and tell the story as though it's still 1912.  All shows are entertaining.  I've had a BLAST developing the performance!

You may contact me on Facebook at the page titled "A Rare Titanic Family," you may contact me via my publisher, NewSouth Books,, or 334-834-3556.

A Rare Titanic Family is available at your favorite bookstore or on-line retailer.  
To order A Rare Titanic Family directly from the publisher, click here.

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