When you look at this life of action—the growing tree, the bird on the wing, the flowing river, the movement of the clouds, of lightning, of machines, the action of the waves upon the shore—then you see, do you not, that life itself is action, endless action that has no beginning and no end. It is something that is everlastingly in movement, and it is the universe, God, bliss, reality. But we reduce the vast action of life to our own petty little action in life, and ask what we should do, or follow some book, some system.
— Krishnamurti, Bombay 1958 


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Complete Works of J.Krishnamurti (Adobe Reader format) 

This is the complete archived works of J .Krishnamurti organized chronologically  .


MP3 Audio 77 Discourses   (84+ hours)

J. K --1966--New York - Public Talk 1-6 time 8:21:08

J. K--1968--with Prof. Huston Smith, Claremont College time 1:02:02

J. K--1970-- San Diego - Public Talk 1-4 Time 3:51:20

J. K --1972--With Trungpa Rimphoche, San Diego –time 37:53

J. K--1974-- with Prof. Allan Anderson, San Diego - Dialogue 1-18 time 17:31:47

J. K--1978-- Brockwood Park - Public Talk 1 -4 . time 5:18:50

J. K--1979-- Saanen - Public Talk 1-7 –time 7:27:15

J. K--1980-- with Prof. David Bohm, Ojai - Dialogue 1-8 Time11:01:18

J. K - Transformation of Man - with David Bohm, David Shainberg1 – 4 time 3:46:52

J. K--1980-- Ojai - Public Talk 1-6 time 6:52:35

J. K--1982-- Saanen - Public Talk 1-3 5-6 time 5:48:47

J. K--1982-- Saanen - Question and Answer 2-3 Time 2:39:40

J. K--1983--with Prof. David Bohm, Brockwood Park - Dialogue 1-2 time 2:26:05

J. K--1984-- with Mary Zimbalist, Brockwood Park - Dialogue 1-2 Time 45:54

J. K--1985-- Brockwood Park - Public Talk 1-4 time 4:43:38

J. K--1985--Brockwood Park - Question and Answer 1-2 time 2:46:48

J. K - Living With Love time 1h 08min



Video Lectures (17+ hours)

J. K - Two Conversations With Iris Murdoch time 1:43:15

J. K - The Challenge of Change time 1:23:22

J. K - How is One to have Complete Order1 time 1:08:37

J. K - What can we do in this world time 1:23:22

J. K - What has happened to mankind time 1:11:58

J. K- An Intelligence The Brings Order And Peace time 1:05:16

J. K- First question and answer time 1:21:04

J. K - Second question and answer time 1:21:36

J. K - The Beauty Of Death As A Part Of Life time 1:19:39

J. K- The Beginning Of Meditation time 1:23:22

J. K-SanDiego_1970_Talk1_en time 57:25

J. K-SanDiego_1970_Talk2_en time 57:25

J. K-SanDiego_1970_Talk3_en time 57:25

J. K-SanDiego_1970_Talk4_en time 47:25


DVD 3            

Video Lectures (9+ hours)

J.K- Truth Is The Catalyst To End Conflict

j.k -Thinking about myself all day long

J.K - In the Present is the Whole of Time

J.K Attention is Like a Fire

J.K - Conflict in Relationships

J.K- What Is Wrong With Pleasure

J.K - The Action With No Past Or Future

J.K-Fear Destroys Love


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