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Friends have trusted me to hand-craft their wands and other implements for years because of nearly a lifetime of woodworking experience and decades as a metaphysical practitioner.  Every piece is an individual work of art designed to maximize the innate beauty and natural energy of the wood. 


Like crystals and herbs, every piece of wood has its own unique qualities.  I can custom craft a wand, pendulum or other tool to fulfill your desires, or you can check out my eBay store to see what I have recently created.  I have nearly 150 varieties of domestic and exotic international woods out in my workshop - I am always looking for more.

A little bit about Rare Earth:
A couple years ago several friends convinced me to share my skills beyond the circle of our friendship - here it is!  I was a stone mason/designer by trade - woodworker and metaphysical student/practitioner in every day life.  I work with the earth every day on a physical and spiritual level, crafting a balance between nature and man.  I have spent over 35 years working with wood from building furniture with my father and custom homes to what you see before you.
I consider myself a Theosophist - having gathered my beliefs and ideologies from a worldwide variety of sources.  I have studied the teachings of all major religions from Gnostic Christianity and Islam to Buddhism and Hinduism.  I draw primarily upon Druidic, Wiccan, Reiki and Shamanistic traditions in my daily spiritual life.  In addition to my obvious passion for trees, I find solace in the energy of crystals and the guidance of the tarot and runes.

With the collapse of the construction industry, I have chosen to dedicate myself full time to creating tools that can make a difference in every day life.  This is my way of sharing my personal passion and experience.  I have used my talents to bring people's dreams into reality for more than 25 years professionally and hope to do so for many more to come.  My creations have gone into the hands of metaphysical practitioners from every corner of the globe and introduced me to many of the people I now call friends.
Although my focus is on creating tools for the Craft and Energy Work,  I do create custom works for performers - the smiles they bring to life and the imaginations they inspire have a magic of their own.
Use the links on the left to explore the realm of possibility between your imagination and my skills.
Thank you - Karl

 A sampling of the items I create.  This group was created with Purpleheart from South America
(Athame, Meditation Disc, Calligraphy Pen, Wand, Pendulum,
Hair Pin/Pocket Wand, Candle Holder)