Rarebird Handbags

Harris Tweed Handbags

Designed and made in The Outer Hebrides

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Rarebird High Quality Harris Tweed Handbags designed and made by Paulette Brough at her traditional croft house in Skigersta, Ness, a small community at the very top of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  Every bag is Paulette's original design and features one of her own indivdualy handmade ceramic  buttons or is embroidered to reflect the scenic  beauty of the Hebrides. Rarebird Handbags are surported with strong interlings including a real wood base and finally finished with a colorful cotton lining. All Rarebird handbags  are crafted to compilment the unrivled quality and worldwide  reputation of HarrisTweed which is still traditionally hand woven by skilled and dedecated Islanders in their own homes.