RARC History

The club was started with the Rockwall County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RCARES) and eventually evolved into a full blown club in November of 1999. The Rockwall County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, exists as a separate entity, but is tied into the Rockwall Amateur Radio Club (RARC) through its members and support. The RARC and the RCARES work in conjunction with each other in many of the special events that we are involved with, with the exception, of course, when it comes to an emergency situation requiring trained personnel. However, since the RARC and the RCARES are made up of mostly the same hams, they're almost one and the same. Despite the club's relatively small size, we are here and are always willing to help when necessary. This includes helping our neighboring counties.

Rockwall County is the smallest county in Texas, bordered by Dallas county to the immediate West, and Collin, Hunt, and Kaufman Counties, all in North Texas.