RARC 2 Meter Antenna Construction

Below you will find several document and links for constructing 2 m antennas that might be used in a "Fox Hunt" activity. Most if not all are aimed at using a handheld transceiver attached to a directional antenna.


A Quad Antenna Design submitted by N5LUQ

Note the URL in the lower left corner:


The Tape Measure Antenna.docx

A hand held directional antenna made from metal tape measure and PVC.

Tape Measure Yagi.docx

A slightly different approach to the 2 m yagi submitted by W5RTX.

If the above document is unreadable, Gary suggest using the following Internet links:

www.nt1k.com/vhf-3el-tape-measure-yagi/ and www.theleggios.net/wb2hol/projects/rdf/tape_bm.htm

Hint: Double click on any of the above documents and a "pop out" symbol (a box with an arrow) appears that can be clicked to open in a separate window for printing or download.

More Sources

An Internet search also turns up many possible other ways to build 2 m antennas (https://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=jnazafzv&type=E111US0G0&p=ham%20antenna%20blog%3A%20quads%20antenna).