RARC On-the-Air Meetings

Tuesday night is meeting night for RARC. Join us each Tuesday night for our on-air informational net. We meet on the KK5PP repeater 441.525 MHz PL 141.3 at 7:00pm. The only time we do not meet on the air is the 3rd Tuesday of the month. (See RARC Monthly Meeting page).

Please note that if the above repeater is not operational on net night, a backup repeater is available at 441.375 MHz with a PL tone of 141.3..

Our on the air activities follow an organized script; however, the net control person has quite a bit of flexibility and may for various reason elect to make changes.  However, the net is a Directed Net and participants must receive permission from the net control person prior to any transmission.

Mobile users will need to access the downloaded file.

To determine who is net control on a given night, please visit our Yahoo page.

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