The board consists of the Officers and the Committee Chairs.  Below is a description of the duties of the board and a list of the Officers, Committee Chairs and Committee Members for 2016/17

The Board meets in Urban Center Room 411 at 10:30 AM of the Thursday on which the first Membership Meeting of the month takes place.  Members are invited to attend the Board meetings as guests.


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The President presides at the board meetings and general meetings and appoints ad hoc committees as needed.

Sandra Carter

The President-elect automatically becomes President when the President has served a full term. The President-elect acts as President when the President is absent and keeps the Constitution and Bylaws current and available. 

Office Vacant

The Secretary takes brief minutes at board and membership business meetings; sends necessary communications, and maintains a Book of Resolutions containing the rules, regulations, and policies adopted by the Association and Board.

Jan Jung

The Treasurer receives and deposits the dues; pays the operating expenses as incurred; periodically reviews the status of members' dues; strives to maintain paid-up registrations; cooperates with the Membership Chairperson in maintaining a current membership roster; and makes monthly reports of the Association's finances to the Board.

Sally Kenney

The Immediate Past President is a consultant to other officers.

Jeanie Frankel

The Senior Adult Learning Center Coordinator (SALC Advisor to RAPSU).

Jost Lottes


RAPSU has a number of committees to help it function.  The Board would be pleased to have members consider volunteering for any of the following committees.

Membership: recruits new members and maintains current membership records.

    Sue Kopp

Program: plans and carries on the programs.

    Larry Cross

Newsletter editor: edits the monthly newsletter.

    Barbara Kennedy

Member Outreach: keeps the membership informed of the welfare of members, sends cards and makes telephone calls as appropriate.

    Martha McKinnon

Social: plans special luncheons.

    Martha McKinnon

Webmaster: manages the RAPSU webiste and email correspondence.

    Webmaster:  Ann Copeland

We are always looking for RAPSU members to join committees and participate in making RAPSU work.

Volunteer by emailing:  rapsuatpsu@gmail.com