Birthday Song
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Written by

J Nagle/M E Smith

First Release

The Marshall Suite - Artful ARTFULCD17

Date of First Release

19 April 1999

Group line-up on first recording

Mark E Smith – vocals: Julia Nagle – keyboards

Subsequent releases

F-'Oldin' Money (single) Artful CDARTFUL3, 16 August 1999. This version is a slightly different mix from the album.

Official Live Recordings

Touch Sensitive... Bootleg Box Set - Castle CMYBX752, 14 July 2003*

First Played Live

Ashton-u-Lyne 02/03/99

Last Played Live

Haarlem 6/4/01

No. of times known to have been played live



A brief snippet of this track is heard at the end of Ibis Afro Man

This song is built around a repetitive set of synth loops and a repetitive piano figure. I'd hazard that only Mark and Julia are actually playing on the original track. Lots of overlayed vocals here give the tune a real atmosphere.

*On three of the discs, each time as an instrumental.