Written by
M E Smith; C Scanlon; S Hanley; M Schofield

First Release
I Am Kurious, Oranj; Beggars Banquet BEGA96,

Date of First Release
24 October 1988

Group line-up on first recording
MES – Vocals; S Hanley – Bass; C Scanlon – Guitar; M Schofield – Keyboards; B Smith – Lead Guitar/Vocals; S Wolstencroft - Drums

Subsequent releases
Jerusalem / Acid Priest 2088 – 2x7” Single box set Beggars Banquet FALL2B – Nov 88
Jerusalem / Acid Priest 2088 – 2x mini CD in plastic case Beggars Banquet FALL2CD – Nov 88
Big New Prinz / Wrong Place, Right Time - Beggars Banquet FALL4, 1988 (Promo Single)
458489 A Sides Beggars Banquet BEGA111, Dec 90
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007 - Castle CMXBX1558, Sep 07

Official Live Recordings
The Twenty-Seven Points - Cog Sinister/Permanent PERMLP36, Aug 95
The Twenty-Seven Points - Castle (CMQDD1351) May 06
Oswald Defence Lawyer - Receiver Records RRCD213, Apr 96
The Other Side Of... Receiver Records, Oct 96 (Triple CD)
The Less You Look, The More You Find - Recall/Snapper Music SMDCD132, Jul 97
15 Ways To Leave Your Man – Live - Receiver RRCD239, Aug 97
Live Various Years - Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP111CD, Sep 98
Nottingham '92 - Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP110CD, Nov 98
I Am As Pure As Oranj - Burning Airlines Pilot61, Jul 00
Time Enough At Last - Castle CMETD706, 28 April 2003

First Played Live
15/8/88 Edinburgh (as part of I am Kurious Oranj shows)

Last Played Live
Oxford 4/3/07

No. of times known to have been played live


In its various guises this track tops and tails the IAKO album. Very much the centre piece of the album, although on the live version on IAAPAO, is played over Hip Priest – which probably gives us a clue to its roots.

A popular live track that is regularly resurrected and has been played for almost 20-years.
Is this the most released Fall track??