Written by
ME Smith; M Riley; C Scanlon; S Hanley; M Leigh

First Release
Dragnet – Step Forward SFLP4

Date of First Release
October 1979

Group line-up on first recording
Mark E Smith – vocals; Marc Riley – guitar, Keyboards; Craig Scanlon – guitar; Stephen Hanley – bass; Mike Leigh - Drums

Subsequent releases
Dragnet – IRS Records SFLPCD4 - 1990
Dragnet – Cog Sinister COGVP113CD - 1999
Dragnet – Turning Point TPM02209 - 2002
Dragnet – Cog Sinister COGVP140CD – 2002
It's The New Thing! The Step Forward Years - Castle CMQCD697, 31 March 2003
Rebellious Jukebox - Shakedown Records SHAKEBX115, 10 November 2003
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007 - Castle CMXBX1558, 10 September 2007

Official Live Recordings

First Played Live
25/03/79 London

Last Played Live
17/03/81 Leeds

No. of times known to have been played live

After an almost spoken word, whispered introduction this track develops into one of the most instantly accessible tracks on the ‘difficult’ second album.
The line, "We were six like dice but now we're back to five" is a reference to the recent departure of Yvonne Pawlett.