Written by
M E Smith

First Release
This Nation's Saving Grace: Beggars Banquet BEGA67

Date of First Release
23 September 1985

Group line-up on first recording
Mark E Smith- Vocals; Craig Scanlon – Guitar; Steve Hanley – Bass; Brix Smith – Lead Guitar/Vocals; Simon Rogers - Keyboards;  Karl Burns – Drums.

Subsequent releases
Nord-West Gas: Funf Und Vierzig (Germany) LP08, 1986

This Nation's Saving Grace : Beggars Banquet BBL 67CD

Also released on Couldn't Get Ahead single - PVC Records (1985) 12": PVC5909  
(US only version of single)

Official Live Recordings

First Played Live
London - 7 March 1985

Last Played Live
Milton Keynes - 22 November 1986

No. of times known to have been played live

A 5-minute plus track from a powerhouse album; a guitar led track that is somewhat stop-start, but nevertheless a marvellous creation.

Riff allegedly based on "Valleri" by the Monkees.

Surprisingly few releases for such a strong track, especially so that a live release has never occurred.