Written by
ME Smith, Brix Smith

First Release
I Am Kurious Oranj; Beggars Banquet BEGA96,

Date of First Release
24 October 1988

Group line-up on first recording
Mark E Smith – Vocals; Steve Hanley – Bass; Craig Scanlon – Rhythm Guitar, Marcia Schofield – Keyboards, Brix Smith – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Simon Wolstencroft - Drums

Subsequent releases
I Am Kurious Oranj; Beggars Banquet BBL96CD,

Official Live Recordings
I Am As Pure As Oranj: Burning Airlines Pilot61, 2000

First Played Live
Graz, Austria, 15 April 1988

Last Played Live
London, 21 December 1988

No. of times known to have been played live

Surprisingly poppy and rather unremarkable tune; I’m sure Michael Clarke can dance nicely to it. Move on.