Written by:
Mark E Smith

Initial release:
The Frenz Experiment, Beggars Banquet BEGA91 LP; BEGAC91 Cassette; BEGA91CD; Beggars Banquet/RCA 6987-2-H (US release); SPV/Rebel (German release)

29 February 1988

Subsequent releases:

Box Two, Beggars Banquet Japan ALCB85/86/87/88, (box set containing The Frenz Experiment) 1989
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007, Castle CMXBX1558, 10 September 2007

Radio sessions:
The Peel Sessions, Strange Fruit SFRSCD048, 25 January 1999 (CD)
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004, Castle CMXBX982, 25 April 2005 (the same version on both the above-mentioned releases, recorded 28 April 1987, first broadcast 11 May 1987)

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Brix Smith - guitar, vocals; Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Simon Rogers - guitar, keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Marcia Schofield - keyboards

First played live:
19 March 1988 Cambridge

Last played live:
5 October 1996 Motherwell

Number of known performances:

Live In Cambridge 1988 (Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP115CD) would have been a perfect way to hear one of the first (maybe the first) recordings of this song, but for some reason it doesn't appear on the album. It was the opening song, so one can only surmise technical difficulties of some kind prevented its appearance on the record. However, a bootleg exists which contains 1' 34" seconds of the end of the song, during which MES gets in his traditional "Good evening, We are The Fall" introduction.

Athlete Cured was never a popular gig choice, maybe because MES was aware of how much it borrows from Spinal Tap's "Tonight I'm Going to Rock You Tonight", However, on the six (at least) occasions it was played in 1988 it was always as the opening song. The last recorded performance of the song is really hardly that: the familiar riff played on bass for a few seconds at the end of the infamous Motherwell gig in 1996.