Written by:
Unknown as yet

Initial release:
Fall Heads Roll, Slogan/Sanctuary SLOCD003 CD; SLOLP003 LP
(Also released on Narnack NCK7033 CD; limited edition (5,000 copies) solid black CDR; limited edition double LP; limited edition (750 copies) marble swirled double LP; 4 October 2005)

3 October 2005

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Ben Pritchard - guitar; Steve Trafford - bass; Spencer Birtwistle - drums; Elena Poulou - keyboards

First played live:
7 March 05 Middleton

Last played live:
2 September 06 Glasgow

Number of known performances:


A riff based little beast that had the great unwashed of Fall land in serious debate about what the lyrics were about - everything from Prisoner of War movies to Anime. Full of spary dynamics and bludgeoning riff changes and stop/starts. One of the more endearing tracks of the album.