Written by:
Mark E Smith, Craig Scanlon, Simon Wolstencroft

Initial release:
Extricate, Cog Sinister/Fontana 842 204-2 CD; 842 204-4 Cassette (the song was not on the original vinyl version)

19 February 1990

Subsequent releases:
Popcorn Double Feature / Arms Control Poseur / Butterflies 4 Brains, Cog Sinister/Fontana SIN512 (12" single) 12 March 1990
Popcorn Double Feature / Arms Control Poseur / Butterflies 4 Brains,Cog Sinister/Fontana SINCD5, March 1990
Extricate, Fontana/Mercury Records (the track has a slightly different edit to the one found on the CD and cassette versions of Extricate 7 May 2007
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007, Castle CMXBX1558, (single version) 10 September 2007

Group on initial recording:
Mark E. Smith - vocals; Steve Hanley - bass: Craig Scanlon - guitar; Marcia Schofield - keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Martin Bramah - guitar; Kenny Brady - violin

First played live:
29 August 1989 London

Last played live:
14 December 1990 Cambridge

Number of known performances:

Simon Ford in Hip Priest notes that MES reads as an introduction some lines from the English writer Malcolm Lowry: "What do you seek? Oblivion."

The song is credited to Smith/Scanlon/Wolstencroft. However, Marcia Schofield, quoted in Hip Priest, suggests that Martin Bramah may have been the composer: "He said he'd written a few songs and and he played Arms Control Poseur and Hilary [credited only to MES on the album!] and I thought, 'Fucking hell, this guy can actually write'."

Arms Control Poseur had a short concert life, being dropped from the set at the end of 1990.