Written by:
Mark E. Smith, Craig Scanlon

Initial release:
Volume Four, World's End V4CD, (Volume 4 was a fanzine/CD series)

25 August 1992

Subsequent releases:
Sinister Waltz, Receiver Records RRCD209, RRLP209 CD; 22 January 1996
Archive Series, Rialto Records RMCD214, May 1997
The Less You Look, The More You Find, (credited as Arid Al's Dreams), Recall/Snapper Music SMDCD132, 18 July 1997
A World Bewitched, Artful ARTFULCD35, 6 February 2001
Shift-Work, Fontana/Mercury Records 9847464 CD 7 May 2007
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007, Castle CMXBX1558, 10 September 2007

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Simon Wolstencroft - drums, keyboards, Kenny Brady - violin

This song has never been played live.


The Story Of The Fall website descibes this song well:
"An infectious ringing guitar riff forms the first main part of the song, backed by violin scrapings whose intensity increases with the manic drumming on the 'It was hectoring him' parts. A fittingly dream-like recollection of spiritual visitations and 'pre-psicognition.' Great drum sign off too."

The Story Of The Fall

There is also a demo version, entitled Simon's Dream, which shows something of the formation of the song.