Written by:
Mark E Smith, Dave Bush, Simon Wolstencroft

Initial release:
The Infotainment Scan, Cog Sinister/Permanent PERMLP12, PERMMC12 Cassette, PERMCD12 CD

26 April 1993

Subsequent releases:
RCD Classic Rock Collection Vol 10, Rock CD magazine Vol1 No 10, June 1993
The Infotainment Scan, Artful, ARTFULCD22 1999
A Past Gone Mad, Artful ARTFULCD30 2000
High Tension Line, Recall/Snapper SMDCD443 2002
The Infotainment Scan, Castle, CMQDD1227 (original album track + alternate version on bonus CD) 2006
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007, Castle CMXBX1558 (altenate version) 2007

Official live recordings:
The Twenty-Seven Points, Cog Sinister/Permanent PERMLP36 (credited as Passable) 1995

Radio session:

Mark Goodier, Recorded 1 May 1993, first broadcast 17 May 1993

Group on initial recording:
Mark E. Smith – vocals; Craig Scanlon – guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Dave Bush -keyboards

First played live:
6 May 1993 Newcastle

Last played live:
18 June 2000 Edinburgh

Number of known performances:

Superb sweeping sound, with some of the funniest lyrics in the MES oeuvre. The Mark Goodier session version is particularly good. The revival of the song in 1999 and 2000 doesn't do justice to its former glory, though.