And Therein

Written by:

Mark E Smith, Martin Bramah

Initial release:
Extricate, Cog Sinister/Fontana 842.204-1 LP, 842 204-2 CD, 842 204-4 cassette

19 February 1990

Subsequent releases:
Extricate, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP122CD CD 1999
Extricate, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint, COGVP142CD CD 2002
Extricate, Fontana/Mercury Records 9847463 2007
Touch Sensitive... Bootleg Box Set, Castle CMYBX752 (5 CD box set - on discs 2 & 5) 2003
Rebellious Jukebox, Shakedown Records SHAKEBX115 2 CD + DVD 2003

Official live recordings:
Live In Zagreb, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP109CD 2001 (performance from 15 April, 1990)
A Touch Sensitive - Live, Secret Records SECDVD101 DVD 2004 (performances from 20 November 2001, Seattle; 17 April 2001, Brighton)
Access All Areas Volume 2. Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP003DVD, 2004 (2 versions of the song: performances from 14 November 2001, Los Angeles; 28 April 2002, Camber Sands)

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Martin Bramah - guitar: Craig Scanlon - guitar: Steve Hanley - bass: Simon Wolstencroft - drums: Marcia Schofield - keyboards

First played live:
6 March 1990 Manchester

Last played live:
17 July 2003 Dallas

Number of known performances:

MES says

"Martin Bramah wrote a good tune and it conjured up the Salvation Army to me. It was quasi-religious and country-and-western, which I'd always wanted to do. I love the way they give a message over, these stories. Get to the best of it, that's what I wanted to do. Great guitars and a bit of sixth-form poetry cobbled together!"