Written by:

 Mark E Smith

Initial Release:

 I Am Kurious Oranj, Beggars Banquet : BEGA96 LP : BEGC96; Cassette BEGA96 CD (later pressings: BBL96CD)


 24 October 1988

Subsequent Releases:

  • Cab It Up (single) Beggars Banquet Beg2267 7": 5 June 1989; 1Beg226T 12": 12 June 1989
  • 458489 B Sides, Beggars Banquet BEGA116 LP BEGC116 Cassette; BEGA116 CD


Official Live Recordings: 

 I Am As Pure As Oranj, Burning Airlines Pilot61 CD; July 2000

Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith - vocals: Brix Smith - guitar, vocals Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Marcia Schofield – keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft - drums

First Played Live:

 3 March 1988 London

Last Played Live:

 18 October 1989 Aberdeen

Number of known times played:



Cab It Up was the most played song on stage in 1988, was heard only about four times the following year, since when it has been completely dropped from the set. A happy, breezy though perhaps rather repetitive song dominated by keyboards. Oft commented is the similarity between the keyboard riff and the work of Orchestral Manouveurs in the Dark.

Media Link :

Cab it Up (nb you need to log into You Tube to watch this because of "content" - cant see anything wrong with it myself