Written by:
Mark E Smith, Julia Nagle, Adam Helal, Nev Wilding, Tom Head
Initial release:
The Unutterable, Eagle Records  EAGCD164
6 November 2000
Subsequent Releases:
Touch Sensitive Bootleg Box Set, Castle/Sanctuary CMYBX752; 14 July 2003 (3 versions; first recorded at Patronaat, Harlaam; 6 April 2001; second recorded at Melkweg, Amsterdam; 7 April 2001; third recorded at Concorde 2, Brighton; 17 April 2001)

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Julia Nagle - keyboards; Tom Head - drums; Neville Wilding - guitar; Adam Helas - bass 
First played live:
8 August, 2000 Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
Last played live:
23 October 2001 Cologne
Number of known performances:
Julia Nagle in the press release for The Unutterable:  "Track 6 is Hot June [sic]. This is another of Neville's rock'n'roll tunes, and works well with this summery tone of the lyrics."
A bright, breezy song played much faster in some gigs than on the released version. Not perhaps one of the gruppe's more vital tracks, but a nice addition to the oeuvre nonetheless.