Written by:
Mark E Smith, Steve Hanley
Initial release:
Levitate,  Artful Records, ARTFULLP9 LP; ARTFULMC9; CD: ARTFULCD9 Cassette; ARTFULCDX9 (limited edition CD)
29 September 1997

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Steve Hanley - bass; Julia Nagle - keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Karl Burns - drums; Tommy Crooks - guitar; Andy Hackett - guitar

First played live:
30 March 1998 New York
Last played live:
30 March 1998 New York
Number of known performances:
Guitar, vocals and drums compete for space in a cut-and-paste track. Only played once, and with some venom, during the ill-fated 1998 US tour.

The history of the track itself is somewhat convoluted with its predecessor "Inch" being part of aborted sessions with D.O.S.E.

So named because MES thought it sounded like "Nine Inch Nails"