Written by:
Mark E Smith, Julia Nagle, Adam Helal, Tom Head, Grant Cunliffe (Grant Showbiz)
Initial release:
The Unutterable, Eagle Records  EAGCD164;
6 November 2000
Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Julia Nagle - keyboards; Tom Head - drums; Neville Wilding - guitar; Adam Helal - bass 
Official live versions:
Touch Sensitive Bootleg Box Set, Castle/Sanctuary CMYBX752; 14 July 2003 (3 versions;  first recorded at Patronaat, Harlaam; 6 April 2001; second recorded at Melkweg, Amsterdam; 7 April 2001; third recorded at Concorde 2, Brighton; 17 April 2001
Live at the Garage - London - 20 April 2002, Hip Priest/Voiceprint, HIPP016 CD; 29 January 2007 (soundtrack taken from DVD2 of the live double DVD release Access All Areas Volume 1)
Live at the ATP Festival - 28 April 2002, Hip Priest/Voiceprint, HIPP018 CD; 19 February 2007 (soundtrack taken from DVD2 of the live double DVD release Access All Areas Volume 2)
Officially released DVDs:
 Access All Areas Volume 1 Hip Priest/Voiceprint  DVD; 18 October 2004 (DVD2 - Live At The Garage 2002; recorded at The Garage, London, 20 April 2002)
Access All Areas Volume 2 Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP003 DVD: 15 November 2004 (DVD2 - All Tomorrows Parties 2002; recorded at the All Tomorrows Parties festival 2002, Camber Sands, 28 April 2002.)

This track began life as a cover (of sorts) of the Lou Reed number "Kill Your Sons"  (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=u9jKaPuWTwE).

However, early versions feature a great variety of (from all accounts based on real events) jokey/surrealistic lyrics about current members of the group. One example from 14 September 99, Doornroosje, Nijmegen: "Julia and Nevile and their son went to Alton Towers...they took a special line but it went down the wrong way, they went into reverse and then they ended up in Holland." The final track as released on The Unutterable is taken much more slowly than on live performances and features lyrics which differ from both the Lou Reed track and those aforementioned ones found in gigs up to March 2008.