Written by:
Mark E Smith, Julia Nagle, Adam Helal, Tom Head, Grant Cunliffe (Grant Showbiz)
Initial release:
The Unutterable, Eagle Records  EAGCD164;
6 November 2000
Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Julia Nagle - keyboards; Tom Head - drums; Neville Wilding - guitar; Adam Helal - bass 
The opening section, the jokey one,  of the two-part track Otto Realm-Ketamine Sun. Julia Nagle says that it "starts with an introduction to The Ketisons, with Tom's Octopad running behind the commentary". It has never been performed live, much the same fate as many of The Fall's more throwaway, "filler" efforts. The lyrics may in some way be based on early live versions of Ketamine Sun itself, which were often about the presumably fictitious adventures of various members of the group.