Written by:
Mark E Smith, Julia Nagle, Adam Helal, Nev Wilding, Tom Head
Initial release:
The Unutterable, Eagle Records  EAGCD164
Subsequent reissues:
Punk!, Prism Leisure PLATCD1309, late 2004 CD (various artists compilation)
6 November 2000
 Official live versions:
Touch Sensitive Bootleg Box Set, Castle/Sanctuary CMYBX752; 14 July 2003 (4 versions; first recorded at The Knitting Factory, New York; 23 November 2001; second recorded at The Crocodile Factory, Seattle; 20 November 2001; third recorded at Patronaat, Harlaam; 6 April 2001; fourth recorded at Melkweg, Amsterdam; 7 April 2001; fifth recorded at Concorde 2, Brighton; 17 April 2001)
Live at The Knitting Factory - L.A. - 14 November 2001, Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP017 CD; 19 February 2001 (recorded as per album title; CD is the soundtrack to the DVD release Access All Areas Volume 2 - DVD 1)
Live at The ATP Festival - 28 April 2002, Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP018 CD; 19 February 2007 (recorded as per album title; CD is the soundtrack to the DVD release Access All Areas Volume 2 - DVD2)
DVD releases:
Access All Areas Volume 1,Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP002 DVD; DVD2 - Live At The Garage 2002; 18 October 2004 (recorded at The Garage, London, 20 April 2002)
Access All Areas Volume 2, Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP003 DVD; 15 November 2004 (2 versions of track: first recorded at The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles; 14 November 2001; second recorded at All Tomorrows Parties festival 2002, Camber Sands 28 April 2002. )
Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Julia Nagle - keyboards; Tom Head - drums; Neville Wilding - guitar; Adam Helas - bass (track also features Kazuko Hohki - vocals; evidently, she recorded her contribution separately without meeing the group)
First played live:
20 October 1999 London
Last played live:
9 October 2002 Liverpool
Number of known performances:
Live versions of the song tend to be more skiffly in effect. Similarly, MES reduces the lyrics to little more than "Book of film, film of book, Cyber Insekt". According to Julia Nagle, quoted in an email to Fallnet, "The song Cyber Insekt, is about that time in New York in 1998. We (our lawyer. Mark and myself) said the whole incident had been incredulous, and we should write a book about it. And being in America, we then laughed about making the 'film of the book, of the film' etc, which in turn became the lyrics, if that makes any sense." And on the preview of the album, Nagle says it  "about the virtual world of communication. There was a plan behind this: to work it live, rather than program it. It's bubbly. "