Written by:
Mark E Smith, Jim Watts
Initial release:
The Real New Fall LP, Action Records  TAKE021 LP; TAKE021 CD
(US issue: Narnack Records NCK7018 CD: 15 June 2004; NCK7018 LP: 13 July 2004)
27 October 2003
Subsequent releases:
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004, Castle MXBX982 CD; 25 April 2005
Radio sessions:
John Peel, recorded 19 February 2003, broadcast 13 March 2003
Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals: Ben Pritchard - guitar; Jim Watts - bass; Dave Milner - drums; Elena Poulou - keyboards
First played live:
1 May 2003 Aarhus
Last played live:
4 October 2005 Wrexham
Number of known performances:
The original unreleased version (for the aborted Country On The Click album) has Dave Milner featuring prominently on backing vocals.
There has been a lot of discussion re the lyrics in this song, as to whether MES says he hates the "contraflow" or the "country folk", or perhaps both at various points in the song.