Written by:
Mark E Smith, Craig Scanlon, Steve Hanley
Initial release:
Middle Class Revolt, Cog Sinister/Permanent  PERMLP16 LP;  PERMMC16 Cassette; PERMCD16 CD
3 May 1994
Subsequent releases:
Middle Class Revolt, Artful Records ARTFULCD23 CD; 5 July 1999
Middle Class Revolt, Castle CMQDD1226 CD; 13 March 2006
Permanent Years (Paranoid Man in Cheap Sh*t Room), Fulfill Records ARTFULCD53 CD; 22 May 2006
Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass;Simon Wolstencroft - drums; Dave Bush - keyboards; Karl Burns - drums
First played live:
6 December 1993 Manchester
Last played live:
8 December 1993 Manchester
NB these could also be Cab Dweller - we are not sure so we have put them against both 
Number of known performances:
This is a version of Cab Driver, which was a b side on the Behind The Counter single the previous year (1993). The vocals are more distinct than in its predecessor. The song, one of the best on Middle Class Revolt, deals with the gentrification of Manchester and MES's wish to be rid of the "mediocre pseuds" who  he sees taking over the city.
According to Simon Wolstencroft, interviewed in The Biggest Library Yet no. 2 (November 1994), "I ...had a big part in City Dweller, although Mark failed to credit me on this one, as he does on many occasions."