Written by:

 M E Smith, Wilson Brothers

Initial Release:

 The Marshall Suite - Artful ARTFULCD17


 19 April 1999

Subsequent Releases:

 The Complete John Peel Sessions CMXBX982 (as Bound Soul One)

Official Live Recordings: 


Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith – vocals: Julia Nagle – guitar/keyboards; Neville Wilding – guitar; Adam Halal – bass; Karen Leatham - bass; Tom Head – drums

First Played Live:

 Whitefield 22/10/98

Last Played Live:

 Whitefield 22/10/98

Number of known times played:



Originally titled ‘Love Bound’, an instrumental track by The Audio Arts that has appeared on a couple of Northern Soul compilation albums. MES added the lyrics. Appeared on Peel Session 21 as "Bound Soul One"