Written by:
M.E. Smith; R. Barbato; E. Poulou

Initial Release:
Reformation Post TLC Slogan / Sanctuary LP: SLODV007 ; CD: SLOCD007

12 February 2007 (CD); 5 March 2007 (LP)

Subsequent Releases:

Official Live Recordings:

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith – vocals; Rob Barbato – bass; Elena Poulou – lead vocals, keyboards; Orpheo McCord – drums & vocals; Tim Presley – guitar; Dave Spurr – bass;
Additional guitars by Pete Greenway & Gary Bennett

First Played Live:
14th October 2006; Cricklewood, London

Last Played Live:
6th September, 2007; Berlin

Number of known times played:

Differing lengths on the vinyl and CD releases… LP 6:24, CD 5:47

Elena is on lead vocals on this jaunty little song about one of Mr Smiths obsessions day tme television usually on the minor broadcast channels in the UK; Details here The Wright Stuff 

Also references the Arsenal footballer and England forward tuned TV star/pundit Ian Wright whose unauthorised biography was called "The Wright Stuff"

Media :

London 2006 - probably not a good example as MES does the singing - albeit off stage (thanks to the Consortium for this)