Insult Song

Written by:
ME. Smith; R. Barbato; T. Presley; O. McCord

Initial Release:
Reformation Post TLC Slogan / Sanctuary LP: SLODV007 ; CD: SLOCD007

12 February 2007 (CD); 5 March 2007 (LP)

Subsequent Releases:

Official Live Recordings:

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith – vocals; Rob Barbato – bass; Elena Poulou – keyboards; Orpheo McCord – drums & vocals; Tim Presley – guitar; Dave Spurr – bass;
Additional guitars by Pete Greenway & Gary Bennett

First Played Live:
5th March 2007; Bilston, Wolverhampton

Last Played Live:
27th March 2007; Exeter

Number of known times played:

Differing lengths on the vinyl and CD releases…LP 6:44, CD 5:40

Magic Band type improvised interplay embellishes this interesting song. Mark sings about the band over the jam, it sounds like it was made up in the studio…and none the worse for that..

When played live often a vocal free jam to kick the set off.

MES says

"Insult Song was done in one take. I was just fucking around - the tune was there and I just started ranting, making things up. But it worked, and in a way it's the story of that period when the band fucked off and left us in the desert. And the new band loved it as well - I was just using it as an exercise, but they wanted me to keep it on there.!"