Written by:
Smith, ME; Barbato, R; Presley, T; McCord, O

Initial Release:
Reformation Post TLC Slogan / Sanctuary LP: SLODV007 ; CD: SLOCD007

12 February 2007 (CD); 5 March 2007 (LP)

Subsequent Releases:

Official Live Recordings:

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith – vocals; Rob Barbato – bass; Elena Poulou – keyboards; Orpheo McCord – drums & vocals; Tim Presley – guitar; Dave Spurr – bass;
Additional guitars by Pete Greenway & Gary Bennett

First Played Live:
8th September 2006; Isle of Wight Festival

Last Played Live:
19th January 2008; Athens, Greece

Number of known times played:

A favourite live track which has become anthem like, not bad in the studio, but could have been better. Mark is certainly on form, with some excellent random lyrics and noises.


Brick Lane 2006