Written by:

 Smith, ME; Smith, B

Initial Release:

 Cerebral Caustic Cog Sinister via Permanent LP: PERMLP30; cassette: PERMMC30; CD: PERMCD30


 27 February 1995

Subsequent Releases:

 Cerebral Caustic Artful Records CD: ARTFULCD24 5 July 1999
A Past Gone Mad - Artful Records LP: ARTFUL30 (2 LPs); CD: ARTFULCD30 - 19 April 2000
Cerebral Caustic - Castle/ Sanctuary CD: CMQDD1299 - 13 March 2006

Official Live Recordings: 


Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith – vocals; Brix Smith - guitar, vocals; Craig Scanlon – guitar; Steve Hanley – bass; Simon Wolstencroft – drums; Dave Bush – keyboards; Karl Burns - drums, guitar, vocals

First Played Live:

 London 10/3/95

Last Played Live:

 Manchester 21/3/95

Number of known times played:



It was supposed to sound like you were at a festival (e.g. Phoenix!) with all the sounds of the different music tents merging together. Disappointingly it is not on the Live at Phoenix Festival album.