Written by:
Smith, ME; Barbato, R

Initial Release:
Reformation Post TLC Slogan / Sanctuary LP: SLODV007 ; CD: SLOCD007

12 February 2007 (CD); 5 March 2007 (LP)

Subsequent Releases:
Reformation! The Single; Slogan/Sanctuary; 12": SLOTW009; CD: SLOXD009; 9 April 2007

Official Live Recordings:

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith – vocals; Rob Barbato – bass; Elena Poulou – keyboards; Orpheo McCord – drums & vocals; Tim Presley – guitar; Dave Spurr – bass;
Additional guitars by Pete Greenway & Gary Bennett

First Played Live:
23rd May 2006; Los Angeles

Last Played Live:
2nd November 2007; Bolton

Number of known times played:

Differing lengths on the vinyl, CD and single releases…LP 7:23, CD 6:58; Single 7:20 and 3:56. There are two versions of this track on the Reformation single

Originally titled Formation FD, the FD being based on the chords of the song.

Bass then drum kick this track off, sparse guitar adds to the colour. An excellent track, but been done much better live.

Media :

Official VIdeo

Cricklewood 15.09.06

Blackburn March 2007

Oxford 2007