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Written by:

 S Hanley; C Scanlon; ME Smith; S Wolstencroft

Initial Release:

 Telephone Thing (Single) – Cog Sinister SIN/CD 412


 Jan 1990

Subsequent Releases:

Extricate – Cog Sinister/Fontana - cassette: 842 204-4; CD: 842 204-2 (Feb 1990) *Not on LP releases
Extricate – Cog Sinister COGVP122CD (1998)
Extricate – Cog Sinister 9847463 (2007)

Official Live Recordings: 

The Twenty Seven Points - Cog Sinister/Permanent LP: PERMLP36 (2 LPs); cassette: PERMMC36 (2 cass); CD: PERMCD36 - 7 August 1995


Group on initial recording:

Mark E Smith – vocals: Craig Scanlon – guitar; Stephen Hanley – bass; Martin Bramah – guitar; Marcia Schofield – keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft – drums.

First Played Live:

Liverpool 8/3/90 

Last Played Live:

Boston 8/9/94 

Number of known times played:



 By Fall standards a bit nondescript; however the almost embarrassing lyrics do bring a smile to one’s face. MES seems to be enjoying it too; and the number of times it is played live tends to confirm this.