C.D. Win Fall 2088 AD/Acid Priest 2088

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Written by:

 Mark E Smith, Marcia Schofield

Initial Release:

 I Am Kurious Oranj, Beggars Banquet  : BEGA96 LP : BEGC96; Cassette  BEGA96 CD (later pressings: BBL96CD) (CD release is a live version from the original ballet, King's Theatre, Edinburgh, 15-20 August 1988; LP release is credited as 2080 AD).


 24 October 1988

Subsequent Releases:

 Jerusalem/Big New Prinz, Beggars Banquet, FALL2B 7"; FALL2 CD 7 November 1988

Box Two, Beggars Banquet Japan  ALCB85/86/87/88 CD 1989
458489 B Sides, Beggars Banquet, BEGA116 LP; BEGC116 Cassette; BEGA116 CD 31 December 1990

Official Live Recordings: 

I Am As Pure As Oranj,  Burning Airlines  Pilot61 CD; July 2000 (song credited as Acid Priest) 

Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith - vocals: Brix Smith - guitar, vocals Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Marcia Schofield – keyboards; Simon Wolstencroft - drums

First Played Live:

 21st June 1988  Amsterdam (assuming the track was played as part of the IAKO ballet)

Last Played Live:

 8th October 1988 London

Number of known times played:



 A song of samplings and voice effects, based mainly on Hip Priest, which rambles on quietly in a not unpleasant way. A sort of summing up so far of the ballet with some keyboards, synth drums and some vocal improv from Mr Smith.