Written by:

 Mark E Smith, Simon Wolstencroft, Mike Bennett

Initial Release:

 The Light User Syndrome, Jet Records,  JETLP1012 LP; JETMC1012 Cassette; JETCD1012 CD


 10 June 1996

Subsequent Releases:

 Cheetham Hill, Receiver Records, RRCD247 CD; November 1997 (alternative version of track - see Commentary below)

The Light Use Syndrome, Receiver Records, RRCD264 CD; 8 February 1999
The Light User Syndrome, Castle, CMRCD470; 16 September 2002

Official Live Recordings: 


Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith - vocals;Brix Smith - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass Julia Nagle -keyboards; guitar Simon Wolstencroft - drums: Karl Burns - drums; Mike Bennett - vocals


First Played Live:

 30 May 1996 Manchester

Last Played Live:

 30 April 1998 Reading

Number of known times played:



 Mike Bennett and MES in a vocal duet; on stage the former would often sing the song virtually alone, depending on how MES was feeling that particular evening. The alternative ending on the eponymous Receiver album is only different in that the track has been truncated.

As for the place itself, Wikipedia has this to say: "Cheetham Hill is a district of Manchester, England located approximately two miles to the north of Manchester city centre."

In reality Cheetham Hill loosely describes the Cheetham Ward which nestles between Manchester City Centre the south and the bottom end of Prestwich to the north. One of the main routes north out of Manchester City Centre Cheetham Hill Road has the singular pleasure of passing close by the Joseph Holts Brewery. Cheetham village a bustling multi-cultural area lies at the nexus of the Manchester-Salford and Bury borders.