Written by:

 M E Smith

Initial Release:

 Fall Heads Roll – Slogan SLODC003


 1st October 2005

Subsequent Releases:

I Can Hear the Grass Grow (single) – Narnack NCK7034

Official Live Recordings: 


Group on initial recording:

 M E Smith – vocals; Ben Pritchard – guitar; Steve Trafford – bass; Spencer Birtwistle – drums; Eleni Poulou - Synthesizer


First Played Live:

 Munster 5/10/04

Last Played Live:

 Aberdeen 14/3/07

Number of known times played:



Also known as Bo Doodak

Built around the standard Bo Diddley beat.

Dispute amongst Fall fans over whether Mark is singing “Hey Fatty” or “8:30”. Hey Fatty makes more sense; but it sounds a lot like 8:30??