Written by:

 Mark E Smith, Craig Scanlon, Mark Riley, Steve Hanley

Initial Release:

 Grotesque (After The Gramme), Rough Trade ROUGH18 LP


 17 November 1980

Subsequent Releases:

 Grotesque (After The Gramme), Castle CLACD391 CD; 8 November 1993
Grotesque (After The Gramme), Cog Sinister/Voiceprint COGVP106 CD; 1998
Grotesque (After The Gramme), Castle/Essential ESMCD640 CD; 27 June 1998
Grotesque (After The Gramme), Turning Point (Italy) TPM02210 LP; October 2002
Grotesque (After The Gramme), Castle CMRCD883 CD; 15 March 2004
Grotesque (After The Gramme), Earmark (Italy) EAR40038LP; 13 September 2004

Official Live Recordings: 

 A Part Of America Therein 1981, Cottage USA LP1; May 1982 (track credited as Cash 'n' Carry) (recorded San Francisco, July 1981)
A Part Of America Therein 1981 (with Slates) , DOJO Records LOMACD10 CD; December 1992
A Part Of America Therein 1981 (with Slates), Castle/Essential ESMCD637; 24 April 1998
A Part Of America Therein 1981, Castle CMRCD1052 CD; 22 November 2004

Perverted By Language Bis and Live At Leeds, Cherry Red CRDVD30 DVD; 12 May 2003 (recorded Riley Smith Hall, Leeds, 17 March 1981 ( track credited as C'n'C - Hassle Schmuck)

In A Hole +. Cog Sinister/Voiceprint, COGVP137 CD; 3 February 2003 (track credited as C'n'C-Black Night; recorded in Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand 18 August, 1982)
In A Hole +,(with Liverpool 78) Cog Sinister/Voiceprint VP241019 CD; 6 October 2003
In A Hole +, (with Liverpool 78)Castle CMQDD1225 CD; 23 January 2006
The Fall Box Set 1976-2007 (C 'n' C-Black Night) Castle CMXBX1558 CD; 10 September 2007

Radio sessions:

John Peel session, recorded 24 March 1981, first broadcast 31 March 1981 (track credited as C'n'C-Hassle Schmuk).

Released on:

Kimble, Strange Fruit SFPS787 7"; SFPS087 12"; SFPCD087 CD; 8 March 1993
Words Of Expectations, BBC Sessions, Castle CMEDD696 CD; 26 May 2003
Slates, Castle CMRCD1052 CD; 22 November 2004
The Complete Peel Sessions, 1978-2004, Castle CMXBX982 CD; 25 April 2005

Group on initial recording:

Mark E Smith - vocals: Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass; Marc Riley - guitar, keyboards ; Paul Hanley - drums

First Played Live:

18 March 1980 Edinburgh  

Last Played Live:

 18 August 1982 Christchurch

Number of known times played:



7 and a half minutes long in its original version, the song was often used as the first half of a segued track, as witnessed in live releases. The lyrics, a rant by MES about things he disliked, also include a reference to another Fall song, Choc-Stock.

Starts with acoustic guitars playing a basic riff, with lots of burbling sounds in the distant background featuring keyboards. Esssentially a peroration on Smiths relationship with commerce in respect of the music industry - and a commentary on the "other" bands that follow the money - seems to reflect the bands first tour of US in 1979.  Interesting breaks in the riff give the song tension and release. As far as we know the this is the only Fall song mentioning Herb Alpert. Apparently the audience applause half way through is from the Cyprus Tavern gig.

The song moves to a more overdriven rant with some mic distortion where Mark moans about his neighbours, the music industry, the writers of the inky pop press etc. At this point Hanley P moves the pace up and Hanley S enters with some choice bass notes. A genuinely angry rant with obtuse references to sex in several places.