Written by:


Initial Release:

 In A Hole - Cog Sinister / Voiceprint - CD: COGVP137CD (2 CDs)


 3 February 2003

Subsequent Releases:

 In A Hole – Castle / Sanctuary Records Group. CD: CMQDD1225 (2 CDs) - 23 January 2006

Official Live Recordings: 

 Only released as a live track, no studio version exists.

Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith – vocals; Marc Riley - guitar, vocals; Craig Scanlon – guitar; Steve Hanley – bass; Paul Hanley – drums; Karl Burns - drums

First Played Live:

 Melbourne 6/8/82

Last Played Live:

 Christchurch 18/8/82

Number of known times played:



 Track is segued out of C’n’C. It was not included on the original Flying Hun release of the album
A cover of the 1970 hit single for Deep Purple, it actually reached No. 2 in UK singles charts!