Written by:

 Smith M E / Watts J

Initial Release:

 The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click' Action Records


 27 October 2003

Subsequent Releases:


Official Live Recordings: 

 Interim - Hip Priest via Voiceprint CD: HIPP004CD - 1 November 2004 (as Boxoctosis Alarum)

Live At The Knitting Factory - New York - 9 April 2004 - Hip Priest via Voiceprint - CD: HIPP015CD - 29 January 2007

Group on initial recording:

 Mark E Smith – vocals; Ben Pritchard - guitar, vocals; Jim Watts - bass, guitar, computers; Dave Milner - drums, vocals, keyboards; Elena Poulou - keyboards, vocals

First Played Live:

 Lisbon 29/9/03

Last Played Live:

 Tucson 6/5/06

Number of known times played:



Built around a chant of “Open the box, open the box, Open the goddam box!” – a favourite live track for just short of 3-years.

Listed on the abortive ‘Country on the Click’ album as Open the Boxoctosis.

Also known as "Boxoctosis" and "Boxoctosis Alarum" in various incarnations.

Media Link:

New York City 4/9/04