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Initial Release:

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Subsequent Releases:

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Official Live Recordings: 

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Group on initial recording:

Group playing live on debut : 

Mark E. Smith (vocals), Elenor Poulou (keyboards), Pete Greenway (guitar), Dave "The Eagle" Spurr (bass), Keiron Melling (drums).

First Played Live:

 2nd November 2007, Albert Halls, Bolton

Last Played Live:

 30th November 2007, The Galtymore, Cricklewood

Number of known times played:



The title is to be verified but is listed as such on the group set lists from the dates played to date.

A jerky, poppy number built around a short synth riff with chord changes (A and C according to the set list)  adding tension, and then scratchy guitar noise, almost a jam type thing with little vox from MES.  The band appear to be trying the whole thing out on its debut. Pete introduces a rising chord sequence which resolves all the jamming but generally this is "work in progress" as of November 2007. The title appears to reflect that there is an hommage to "Can" in the song form/structure - a not unprecedented act in the history of the gruppe.

On its third outing at the Galtymore on 30th November 2008 the review says "A great riff, guitar scraping "call" and a synth figure  "response" dominates the para funk/skank apeing early "Tago Mago" like behaviour. There are elements of "Shiftwork/Code Selfish" era Fall about this......"