Written by:

 Tony (T.S.) McPhee

Initial Release:

 Not officially released yet


 Not officially released yet

Subsequent Releases:


Official Live Recordings: 


Group on initial recording:

Band that played the version live for the first time is....

Mark E. Smith (vocals), Elenor Poulou (keyboards), Pete Greenway (guitar), Dave "The Eagle" Spurr (bass), Keiron Melling (drums).

First Played Live:

 1st July 2007 Manchester

Last Played Live:

 1st November 2007 London

Number of known times played:



A "cover" version of opening track on the seminal 1970 "Thank Christ for Bomb" album by "The Groundhogs". However the band interpolates part of "Garden" from the same album - which has an uncanny resemblance to part of "Psykick Dancehall" ("my garden is made of stone, there's a computer centre over the road" section). 

Other than interpolating the part of the other tune the band plays the number quite straight and it pays fairly reasonable hommage to the original