Written by:
The Fall
Initial release:
Fiery Jack, Step Forward Records, SF13 7";  
January 1980
Subsequent releases:
Early Years, Step Forward, SFLP6 LP;  LP; COPE 2 (?) Cassette; 1981
Early Fall, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint, COGVP123 CD; March 2000 (reissue of Early Years under different name)
Psykick Dance Hall, Eagle Records, EEECD010 CD; 7 August 2000
Dragnet +, Cog Sinister/ Voiceprint, COGVP140 CD; 11 November 2002
Early Singles, Cog Sinister/Voiceprint, COGVP136 CD; 2 December 2002
The Step Forward Years, Sanctuary/Castle, CMQCD697 CD; 31 March 2003
Dragnet, Sanctuary/Castle, CMRCD848; 26 January 2004
Dragnet, Earmark, EAR40036 LP; 5 July 2004

Officially released live versions:
Live From The Vaults - Retford 1979, Hip Priest/Voiceprint, HIPP007 CD; 15 August 2005

Group on initial recording:
Mark E Smith - vocals; keyboards Marc Riley - guitar, keyboards vocals; Craig Scanlon - guitar; Steve Hanley - bass, vocals: Mike Leigh - drums
First played live:
1 September (?) 1979 Dudley
Last played live:
27 October 1981 Newcastle
Number of known performances:
The song serves as our introduction to Roman Totale XVII. It is dismissed by Dave Thompson in his User's Guide as "disposable" but in this writer's opinion it is anything but, being both catchy and lyrically interesting,