Written by:

Mark E Smith

Initial Release:

Dragnet; Step Forward SFLP4 (LP)


26 October 1979

Subsequent Releases:


IRS Records SFLPCD4 (CD) 1990

Cog Sinister COGVP113CD (CD) 1999

Turning Point TPM02209 (LP) 2002

Cog Sinister COGVP140CD (CD) 2002 (+ edition)

Castle CMRCD848 (CD) 2004 (expanded deluxe edition)


Official Live Recordings:

Live From The Vaults - Retford 1979; Hip Priest/Voiceprint HIPP007CD, 15 August 2005

Group on initial recording:

MES-Vocals; Craig Scanlon - Guitar; Steve Hanley - Bass; Marc Riley - Guitar; Mike Leigh-Drums

First Played Live:

Marquee London, 29 July 1979

Last Played Live:

Manchester; 2 October 1980


A drum driven story of horror and fear. "Written during a long walk home wearing an anorak that restricted my vision by two-thirds".
MES sings this in a hypnotic, narrative style.
A superb number from the bands second and darkest album. A song that demonstrated that The Fall were leaving behind any 'punk roots' they may have had.