(Birtwistle's) Girl in Shop
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Written by

M E Smith, S Birtwistle

 First Release

(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas (Single) - Action Records TAKE22CD
Also as a double 7" - TAKE22

Date of First Release

8 December 2003

Group line-up on first recording

M E Smith – vocals; S Birtwistle – drums, keys, everything (see comments)

Subsequent releases


Official Live Recordings


First Played Live

Never played live

Last Played Live

Never played live

No. of times known to have been played live



 Apparently everything else played by Spencer - which just appears to be a synth. 

A promo CD for the single carried the warning: "For promotional use only - abuse it and we will get one of Santa's helpers to drop a little present on you from a great height".

A funky little number built around a simple back beat with a basic synth riff over drums with lots of reverb. Lyrics are mostly unintelliigible due to Smiths performance and some overblowing of the microphone.