Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.* NEW

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.80 - New installer, Updated CAP (September-27-07)
1.3 MB | working 100%, non post code.


Universal Share Downloader

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Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.80 (Uninstallable)
Info: Uninstallable AddOn. It adds the program shortcut to Start -> All Programs -> UUtilities.
Universal Share Downloader allows an automated download from file sharing sites. Currently, the program can download from more than 100 file sharing sites with the use of plug-ins. Sample plug-in (plg file) is located in MyTempDir.src.zip (language Delphi.)
Updated September-27-2007
MD5: 6FBC0803BA1C6B2745EB2A89464CA236
Size: 2.41 MB

Cap OCR System v1.7.8.9
Info: USDownloader Extention. Allows automated download from unsuported USD sites such as Rapidshare, FileFactory, MegaUpload, Depositfiles, etc. You can update the Rapidshare and other letters using the "Change" button in Add or Remove Programs (more info bellow.)
Updated September-27-2007
MD5: 253B2B6605F7002E02B7EDB26DD7F6F3
Size: 1.99 MB

ABBYY FineReader v8.0 Pro
Info: This AddOn is OPTIONAL and may require registration. Cap OCR can use it as an alternative to read and automatically input the Rapidshare letters. (Like I said this is optional, USD and Cap OCR will suffice but you can include this just to have them all.)
Released September 03-2007
Size: 35.4 MB






     If you usually come across downloads from free hosting sites you'll probably have noticed that they're all quite unfriendly and difficult to use: lots of ads, waiting times, extra clicks, passwords and some other elements make downloading from free hosting services a real pain.

     Luckily enough you can now use Universal Share Downloader. This manager handles the whole downloading process in a very convenient way, saving you all the hard work. Just enter the appropriate link for the file you want to download an this application will take care of everything.

     Universal Share Downloader is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

     Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates.

     Instructions :
just install the ''Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.7 - without captcha'' installer.
it will install it to your default programme files,
you can change it to your desired directory as you wish
for that just give the path/directory.
& after installation complete it creates icon on desktop.
you can download from Rapidshare.com with out captcha
thats all.



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Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.7 NEW