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- RapidLeech V2.3 Currently Works With
    * RapidShare.de * RapidShare.com * Uploading.com * FileFactory.com * FileVenue.com 

* MegaUpload.com * Megarotic.com * MyTempDir.com * Getfile.biz * Webfile.ru
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***** Intro *****
To started, you need yourself a website. Get youself a free webhosting or a paid one. Just make sure you website support:
1. PHP
2. Open port 80
3. Support FTP or file manager (cPanel, DirectAdmin, VHCS, LayeredPanel, XPanel or Xampp panel - for localhost Laughing )
4. Have many bandwith coz if you a hardcore downloader (1 gb a day) you will need a great bandwidth.
I recommend your website have:
- 1000 MB of spaces
- 10000 MB of bandwidth
- Open port 80
- Support FTP or file manager like cPanel or DirectAdmin
- Hosting on Linux server.

Working free host for Rapidleech


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***** I'm Ready Lets Started *****
1. To begin, you need a ftp program like smartFTP. Get it from http://www.smartftp.com/download/ for free.
2. Run the ftp program and get into your website account by using the
username and password given by your webhosting company.
Example: FTP Adress : yourname.com
Username : yourname.com
Password : maryhadalittlelamb

3. Go to your web directory. Usually htdocs or public_html.

4. Then copy all your file from rapidleech folder to your website directory.
Usually htdocs folder or public_html.


5. Then chmod all your file and folder to 777. Just follow the instruction given
a) Press Ctrl+A to select all yor files in public_html directory.

b) After selecting all your files click right mouse button and choose properties. Then chmod all you files and folder to 777.

This is the trickies part. Some webhost didn't need you to chmod your file and folder to 777 to make the script work but some also need to chmod to 777. Sometimes also if you chmod your file or folder to 777 you will only get a blank page.

So the safest way is after transfering your file to your directory, go to your website, eg: www.yourname.come and test your sript, if it's work then you can chmod your file and folder to 777. Remember if you put your file to subdirectory eg: www.yourname.com/hello you need to chmod you /hello folder to 777.
So the best way here is to try and error, in the end it will work (if you webhost support PHP and open port 80). If you an expert, you only need to see your site directory and you already know what to chmod and what doesn't Wink

6. Go to your website and happy downloading.

******Recommend Website******

This is paid hosting. I recommend paid hosting coz they won't bug you much.

http://exabytes.com - choose Linux web hosting
http://www.eternalsolutions.com - choose FreeBSD hosting

Free web hosting. Be sure to read their Terms of Service (TOS) before signup.


*****Public Website*****

This is public website build from rapidleech script for downloading. You can
download here for free. You can also build you website and turn your website for pulic use or personal use.

Just paste this link on your browser:


If you see you need to wait xx minute tha's mean somebody already download from that server and you need to wait until xx minute to end before you can start downloading. If you don't want to wait use the proxy☺

Use proxy application like Hide IP Platinum to find more proxies Wink

******My Website******
This is my website LOL. Sorry I can show you the link coz it's only for personal use. - Click the images to enlarge

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1. Go to your setting and tick Save To button to save in default
folder. You also can save on other folder if you want to. Click Save


2. Insert download link here


3. Wait a second 


4. Choose server


5. Downloading in progres Smile. Note how fast your server is downloading because your server actually downloading from rapidshare with their high speed internet connection.

6. Download complete. A 1 mb file usually takes 5 to 6 seconds to finish.


7. Then download from your server. Choose the link from the Name column.


Eg: wrar361.exe
Use download manager like Flashget and Internet Download Manager to speed up your download. After complete, you also can delete and rename your file with this script. You also can send your file via e-mail.

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This is Frequently Asked Question for Rapidleech

Q. When I click the download button, I always get Error open socket:Port80

A. That host didn't support leeching, my advice Cool , get out of there, search for other host and stay away from that host

Q. My download always stop at 30 MB. What happen???

It's not the script fault but the web host fault actually. That web host has short PHP execution time. So if you want to download something make sure your download file is less than 30 MB or download from file hosting that support resume like Megaupload.

Q. I don't know how to install Rapidleech

A. Rapidleech is not a software, it's a PHP script. You just need to upload rapidleech to your server. This whole process for uploading take less than 2 minute and the process for your server to download from rapidshare is 3-10 minute. (based on your server speed)

Q. When I put download link, the Rapidshare said to wait XX minute.

A. That's mean somebody has install rapidleech on the same server you are using and already download from rapidshare first. (this usually happen with shared hosting)

Q. I already put the code and push download button, but I only get blank page.

A. Don't worry, the server has already start downloading. Go to your rapidleech frontpage website and go to server file. You will see your download file size is increasing. Click refresh on your browser to follow your download file status.

Q. Unknown people keep using my site to download his stuff. How can I block this people from accesing my site. I want to put password on my site.

Already answered above. Go to extra slot by me